Getting Started with AWS - Journey 101

If you want to start learning new concepts of modern infrastructure and go ahead in-depth in some concepts of cloud computing, you need to start with Amazon Web Services and all cloud services that they provide to us. This tutorial is part of an initial roadmap that you should use to know in detail the first steps to take inside de AWS world.

First of all, you have to understand the concept of ‘what’s cloud computing’ - watching this video.

There is a portal called AWS Skill Builder where we can start and self-register to gain experience in an AWS Management Console sandbox, explore game-based learning, take AWS Certification Official Practice Exams, and more. At the beginning, we can enroll in all free training courses, but the focus here is to introduce the AWS Training courses for AWS Partners.

The path of that training courses is for AWS Partners that want to have the first contact (as a user without a technical background) and learn more about terminologies and wide concepts to help their customers

AWS Partner: Sales Accreditation (Business)

AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical)

AWS Partner: Cloud Economics

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